Dear Potential Client,


Here at TTMP we specialize in moving businesses to the cloud platform. TTMP has partnered with AWS Amazon, a leader in cloud computing and highly available scalable resources. Effective immediately, we will be leveraging their suite of Business Continuity tools to ensure that you and your staff can remain productive and compliant without the fear of downtime due to malware and computer hardware failure. All that while meeting your needs to off-site your data safely and securely.


Using a public cloud is about using other people’s servers to run your digital workloads. In a sense, there is no significant difference between running a software application on servers hosted in your own office versus having them located within Amazon’s infrastructure. In both cases, you need to make sure you have sufficient compute, memory, network, and storage resources.


You also need to have fast deployments and avoid over-provisioning. Because of the scale and efficiency of the AWS platform, TTMP can do all that at a price that is often far below what it would cost to run comparable workloads locally. We will assist you with designing multiple layers of redundancy so that whenever one component fails, its workload is automatically and instantly moved to a healthy replacement. TTMP will deliver the power of the AWS platform to:


  • Connect resources in geographically remote locations so that the failure of one complete region could trigger a predefined relocation. This relocation can be supported by a similarly automated rerouting of network requests.
  • Provide customers with access to as much compute power as they could possibly need and deliver that power on-demand.


IT security is a constantly moving target. As difficult as it has been to manage last year’s threats, you know there is a whole new batch coming right behind them. As a business, you are already responsible for protecting the workstations and networking hardware running in your office along with securing your organization’s data and code your developers put into your apps.  The integrity of your underlying server infrastructure is just one more potential area of vulnerability for you to worry about.


We truly believe that your company would greatly benefit from our services. We can set up an online demonstration, free of charge, for you to see how we can be of value to your company.