Our team of consultants will perform a detailed cloud readiness discovery of your current design and the solutions in place across your network, security, storage, and operations environments. We will also capture your business goal and key drivers, which are vital for aligning your cloud conversion strategy.

Structural design blueprint

The consulting team performs extensive research to identify the best solutions to include in the structural design blueprint.

Public and private cloud migration

Our consulting team will develop the overall migration design and help execute the planned transition of workloads, while making sure your business keeps running smoothly. TTMP consulting for cloud transformation can help your experience in the deployment of private, public and hybrid IT models an easy one.

Private cloud conversion

Our consulting team will work with your companies own in-house authority to design, strategize, and set up cutting edge, highly scalable solutions customized for your companies exact requirements. TTMP can help you build the right cloud for your business and evolve your team’s culture and skills.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Our consulting team test-pressures your architecture builds to ensure your business continues to operate even when faced with a disaster.