Whatever Your Business Needs, TTMP Has The Solution.

Every business’ needs are diverse.  Currently, every business is treading—if not hurdling—into the world of digital communications, in other words piloting the immense changes that come with cloud, AI, mobility, and CX.  No matter where you’re heading, our team of professionals specialize in making sure your business has what it needs to get the most progressive outcomes from your investments.  We are always focused on safeguarding the performance and availability of your communications.  Our team will direct you from where you are right now to projects and future planning.  VoIP Intelligent Services has got you covered from design to deployment to ongoing support and management.


TTMP Services

Professional Services

We will help you define the best communications solution, plan for contingencies, and manage the rollout. You choose the exact services you need, we’ll tailor them for your individual business’ needs.


Managed Services

When you need experts, we’ll help you strike the right balance between a VoIP-managed and a self-managed environment. Services range from release management to fully managed services and can be customized to your requirements.


Support Services

Choose the right level of support for your business.  All options deliver continuous, comprehensive, cost-effective support to help ensure maximum system performance, reliability, and availability of your communications.


Learning Services

Tailor-made, in-depth training gives you a full understanding of your VoIP solutions. Go for online or in-person training while achieving a certification in your specialized area.